Sustainability Is Not Just A Project. It’s A Way Of Life.

We analyse your company's needs and prepare a business plan.


Cost-reduction Solutions

Companies- Electricity and gas procurement
- Technician responsible for electrical installations
- Thermal imaging condenser batteries
- Energy efficiency
- Project management
- Implementation of renewable energy solutions
- LED lighting
- Up to 75% reduction in water usage from showers and taps
(Guaranteed comfort for high-pressure systems)
- Water heating
- Water treatment

IndividualsWe are specialists in energy, gas and water management, as well as consumption and cost reduction. We have been working with a “turnkey” mindset since 2009, whenever possible according to the success fee and customer satisfaction guarantee.
- Implementation of energy and water efficiency plans
- State-of-the-art LED lighting projects
- Online monitoring system for electricity gas and water consumption
- Significant reduction and optimisation of water and gas consumption
- Negotiation of electricity and gas contracts, consulting all market suppliers
- Condenser batteries
- Technician responsible for electrical installations
- Implementation of photovoltaic systems for self-generated electricity
- Implementation of solar thermal systems for heating SHW
- Natural gas or pellet-operated boilers, consumption optimisation

The starting point for our evaluation is to carry out a diagnosis of the current situation through the evaluation of several parametersPower supplier
Type of contract (normal, bi-time, tri-hour)
Contracted power
Water Heating
Air Conditioning
Water flow assessment
Application of good practices to reduce energy costs
Application of good practices to reduce water consumption