Innovative Concepts for the Production of Sustainable Energy.

We are always ahead of market innovations. We have the most innovative energy solutions for your business.


Filotipo offers centralised solutions for electricity or thermal energy production. Innovative and sustainable solutions for your business that stimulate the circular economy at prices that are generally below market value. Contact us to find the perfect solution for your business.

CogenerationGerman company 2G is experiencing significant growth in this SECTOR AND is the third largest cogeneration systems provider in the country. It offers natural gas and/or biogas-operated systems. High efficiency and extremely compact indoor or outdoor solutions. A philosophy that differs from the traditional approach, as the customer establishes the requirements and 2G/Filotipo provide suitable solutions. Equipment ranging from 20 kWeL up to 1560 kWel, with extremely attractive paybacks.

Biomass boilers:Compte-R is a French company with more than a 130 years’ experience in thermal solutions. The company manufactures industrial biomass boilers, that produce hot water or steam from 150 kWth up to 12,000 kWth. TheY have an efficiency rate is over 90% and allow humidity of up to 50%. Compte-r produces all components and we offer turnkey installation. The solutions provide an alternative to natural gas. if LPG or fuel is used, this solution offers an extremely attractive payback.